Friday – 13 days till light off for the 2016 Season

I’ve been negligent in keeping you updated on my progress toward our Thanksgiving Day light-off. Sorry about that.

As of this morning all of the perimeter, driveway and main house lights have been put up. As have the perimeter and driveway lights on my neighbors house. I have the back garage and some fence lights to finish and the figures will start going out. I anticipate that by Sunday evening all of the figures will be out on the two main houses and I will spend the next couple of days running the electricity (and checking the loads on each circuit).
Following the completion of the two main houses, I will embark on decorating the yards of the other 6 houses and plan to have that complete by the Sunday before Thanksgiving. That will give me a couple of days to fine tune.

Last Sunday I had my nephew show up with family in tow. With their help I got up the Christmas entrance sign, brought down Santa’s house, erected the 8 arches and put up about about 3/4 of the driveway lights…what a day!

My brother arrived on Wednesday for a 2 week stay and we started off yesterday running. Finished the entrance, gazebo and the main house lights in one day. Today we will finish the garage and fence as noted above and start moving out the figures to their respective areas. My nephew and crew will be back on Sunday to help put the figures up.

I’ve had two problems in getting my lights out this year. The first is the need to train a couple of delivery drivers at my flower shop who just started this week. This has cost me 3 working days this week and probably 2 more next week. The second problem has been the drought…boy the ground is hard! I’ve been heavily watering my yard for the last 2 weeks and it hasn’t been too bad for pounding in stakes. But the neighbors yard has been a different story! Every figure has at least one stake to go in the ground, so that is several hundred stakes to go!

I actually expect to have more figures out this year than any past year…which is fitting, since it will be my last year of doing all 8 houses.

Till next weekend.


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