Tuesday – 2 Days Till Light-off

Its getting close, but I’m ready. Yes, its 99% complete! All that is left is to put out the cones, the sign at the bottom of the street and set the timers.
The last 10 days have been exciting (and tiring). The Sunday before last my nephew and crew arrived and we got out all the figures on the two main houses. While his crew put out the figures, my brother and I actually got them all wired in…same day, thats a first.
During the week, my brother and I were able to put out all the figures in the 6 neighbor’s yards, wire them up and check them out. As expected, the hard ground made pounding in stakes a challenge. Actually lost about 20 stakes (at about $4 each) when they bent as they went in. We elected not to put in the long green line in front of all the houses to save us from pounding in another 50 stakes. I also decided to not put in the lanterns at each driveway since they take really big stakes. As a result of decreasing the number of stakes (long green line), my light count went down about 5,000 lights.
By Saturday morning we were up to 95% complete, so we took Saturday off. Finished up Sunday with all the little items and the only thing remaining for Monday was balancing the circuits and putting lights on the neighbors’ house (he was having his trim painted and the guy didn’t finish till Sunday evening).
Today is a paperwork day at the shop as I am way behind. I hope to plug the cables into the timers this afternoon and try to get all the lights to agree to come on at 5:00. Wednesday evening I’ll try again and hopefully on Thanksgiving they will all come on at about the same time…5:00.
I’ve checked all the figures and lights 3 times now (and repaired as necessary each time). I’m crossing my fingers that they will all work!.
See you on Thanksgiving!


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