Saturday – 28 days till Christmas

The lights went on Thursday night…pretty much without a hitch. Normally I have 10 or 12 cars awaiting for the big moment, but this year there was only one. Fortunately, it was shortly followed (right up till 9:30) by a continuous line of cars with at least a couple of hundred walkers. The weather was perfect and I had a great time talking with both “long time regulars” and first timers. A list of the states represented will be at the end of this post.

Friday night started off quiet too, but soon turned into a steady stream of visitors, with at least half of them “taking the walk”. Even had my first limo of the year (of course it was the owner taking family out for the evening). The weather was a bit cooler, but still very pleasant.

My biggest problem so far has been my light controller wearing out. It sends out a signal thru my electrical lines to turn on the lights and it appears that signal has weakened over the years (only had it for about 20 years). The result is having to bypass the switches on a number of the cords to get them to come on. That means all my lights do not come on at exactly the same time (it depends how quickly I move between the failed switches) It seems about 5 of the 12 circuits are affected…but they are spread around the house. I have ordered a new one.

Weather looks good for Saturday and Sunday night, so I expect good turn-outs. The first couple of weeks are really the best times to visit, since there are no long waits to come up the streets. Rain is actually in the forecast for Monday and Tuesday nights…probably another less than tenth of an inch!

The lights are on from 5:00 till 10:00 until Santa arrives on Friday, December 16th, when they stay on till 10:30.

States represented so far…AZ. NM, CA, TX, MO, SD, AL, GA, NC, KY, MS & IL. Not bad for the first 2 days, but than Thanksgiving always see a good number of out of town visitors.


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