Wednesday – 25 Days Till Christmas

Had a busy weekend and a slow work week (so far). As I mentioned, Thanksgiving day went well and expectations were high for the weekend.
Friday night started off slow, but by 5:30 it became a steady stream right up till 9:15. The weather was nice and there were alot of folks out walking.
Saturday night was the busiest of the weekend. Eight cars when the lights came on and it didn’t end till about 9:30. Snow (my Samoyed dog) and I got a workout greeting all the folks who “walked the walk”. As usual, I found lots of interesting folks to talk to and probably answered the question “how long does it take you” and least 75 times. We had three limos and one bus.
Sunday continued the steady stream of traffic, but it ended about 8:30. Each night I found figures that decided to give me problems. On average, I repaired about 5 figures a day. Continued to have problems with my light controller and am currently plugging in manually 3 of the 12 circuits on my yard. The new controller is suppose to arrive today.
Monday and Tuesday nights were generally wet and the visitor count was down. The first 2 hours on Tuesday evening were beautiful and warm with no rain…and very few walkers. It did give me a chance to wander about fixing strings of lights that had gone out.
Added a few states to the list…FL, IN. MA, NY, WV, NE, & MD. Two countries so far… Mexico and Morocco.
Lights in the neighborhood are starting to appear, especially the family at the bottom of the hill who completely fills their yard with neat stuff.

I’ve had a number of folks comment on this being my “last year”.   THIS IS NOT MY LAST YEARnext year is, when I celebrate 35 years of Christmas lights.


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