Monday – 19 Days Till Christmas

There have been a considerable number of visits to my blog over the past few days, so here is an update on the first weekend in December.

As expected, it was busy all three nights…but nothing like the next two weekends will be! No one had to wait to come up the street. I never saw more than 10 cars at a time. Of course the arrival of multiple buses/trolleys always slow things a bit, but I try to get them parked as soon as possible. Yes, the trolleys are back (but only two of them at a time, which makes it a lot easier to get them parked). They will run for the next two weekends on Fri, Sat & Sun, usually arriving around 7:15 and again around 9:00. Gray line had their buses out all 3 nights and will continue with them throughout the week. Averaged about seven limos each night too. The double decker even showed up. The car count was in the neighborhood of about 700 on Friday, 850 on Saturday and 600 on Sunday.

I always anticipate a problem rate of about 1 to 2% on my figures each night (not the whole figure, just some sections), which means about 4 to 8 figures will need work the next day. Its been holding true, with 5 on Friday, 5 on Saturday, 4 on Sunday and 7 today. I try to keep complete rewiring to a minimum, unless its one that I plan to keep well into the future.

Still getting comments about this being my LAST YEAR…the power of the press, I guess. Sure wish they had checked with me first. Next year is my 35th Year and that will be the last one of my mega-show. After that I will cut back to just my favorites, and the list is growing almost daily. If I don’t watch out I’ll be back to a mini-mega.

Friday night weather was pretty good, but Saturday was one big drizzle. Sunday night a very light drizzle which lasted till about 8:00, which was just about the time the traffic started to slow down. Tonight looks OK. Sure looking forward to the 20’s this coming Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

Collections for the Shrine Hospitals are running behind last year, but its way too early to call it.


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    Becky Says:

    We saw your display 3 years ago and we’re back again last night. It’s a beautiful tribute to your son and a wonderful way to raise funds for Children’s Hospital. We are saddened to hear next year will be the last but understand how much work goes into it.

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