Monday – 12 Days Till Christmas

Time is flying by…Santa is about to arrive at Sunnyside Lights. Friday night, just 4 days away, he will be here meeting and greeting for a total of 8 nights. I asked him if rain would be a problem, but he just chuckled and said not in the little house you have for me. Go Santa!

A recap of whats been happening. Last Tue, Wed & Thur were fairly slow, as expected. But even with an occasional shower, we had a lot of folks out walking, even when it started getting cold the end of the week. I average 5 figures a day in the repair shop. Since putting the figures and lights out, I have replaced 2100 more lights, which brings this year in line with previous years for light replacement.

I anticipated Friday night being big and it was…but not huge, just a steady flow right up to 10:00 when the lights went out. It was cold, but that sure didn’t stop folks from taking “the walk”. Trolleys are running Friday, Saturday & Sunday (2 times per night), but next weekend will be their last. They were joined by numerous other “trolleys”, buses and limos. I would call Friday about an 800 car night.

Saturday was another story…a preview of whats to come next weekend. Started off with 10 cars “awaiting” at 5:00 and never had less than 20 cars in sight until 9:30. Beautiful night and the drive had plenty of folks 100% of the time. Had one fun time when I had 4 buses and limos parked and the 2 trolleys showed up…got interesting for about 15 minutes (that’s an understatement).

Sunday was steady, but not overwhelming and got quiet about 9:30. Bus and limo count was down, but the trolleys showed up twice. The temp was great and only an occasional drizzle, so had lots of folks taking the walk.

Update on states represented so far…add the following to the ones I mentioned at the end of Thanksgiving weekend: ID, IA, KS, MT, WA, WY, CO, MI, RI and DC (I know its not a state, but they like to think so). Up to about 28 states now, but stuck on countries at 3.

I expect the next 3 nights to be fairly quiet and I have my last “must attend” meeting tonight. Friday, with the arrival of Santa, will kick off the Christmas rush. For those of you that have visited and enjoyed the quick drive up the street, be prepared. 20 minutes waits to come up the street will be the norm during the Christmas week. There will be lots of buses and limos to help slow down the process too. But I will have at least 2 Shriners helping me direct traffic each night and I will bring my 30 years experience at directing traffic to bear. Speaking of the Shriners, by donation total has been running about 30% behind last year, we need to step up and help the kids!


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