Friday – 8 Days Till Christmas

Its about to get a whole lot busier! Santa arrives tonight at 5:30 and he will be here every night from 5:30 till 9:00 thru next Friday. You know what that means…traffic really picks up. No more easy drives up the street and easy parking.
Traditionally speaking, the 20 minute wait time to get up the street is back for the next 10 nights. It usually does not drop off till after 9:00. Speaking of times, the lights will now go off at 10:30, instead of 10:00 thru Christmas Day.
The last few days have seen a regular stream of visitors, with a significant number of the them “taking the walk”. Five to eight buses a night and about the same number of limos. I’ve met a lot of interesting folks to talk to and picked up my first China visitor. Actually it was a couple with an adopted baby from China, who had just arrived in the last month.
How many of you saw the special on Sunnyside Lights last night? Tennessee Crossroads on PBS came thru again. They will re-show it again on Sunday morning.
The forecast for tonight looks pretty good (much better than the low 20’s of the last two nights). Saturday night looks like a rain event (won’t stop me from being out directing traffic and a-greeting you). The next 5 days look pretty good…lets hope it holds thru Christmas Eve.
Make sure you tell me about out of state visitors when you come.



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    Jackie Says:

    Will you still have the lights on 12/26?

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