Thursday – 4 days to go

An update for the weekend. Christmas Eve was a busy one, but not as busy as in the previous couple of years. Anticipated 1800 cars and ended up in the 1300-1400 area. Of course, that meant no long times to come up the street (unlike Friday). Only had 2 limos and no buses, so I did not hold parking for them. Weather was pretty good and we had a lot of walkers.
Christmas Day was a surprise in that we had a lot of visitors (1300 cars & 2 limos) and about a quarter of them took the walk. It was one of the most “fun” evenings I’ve ever had. My wife even came down with Snow (our Samoyed dog) and stayed for about 2 hours…unheard of. But the weather was great with it being in the 70 degree range.
Monday was as expected with plenty of traffic, but no long waits. Had 2 buses and 3 limos show up and I pretty much let them park themselves.
Tuesday and Wednesday nights were steady, but usually not more than 3 to 5 cars at any one time. 2 buses and 4 limos did not create any problems (and I let most of them park themselves). I expect the rest of the days to be fairly consistent with Tuesday and Wednesday.
The lights are now back to 5:00 to 10:00 and will remain so thru New Year’s Day.
I did not get a great boost in my state or country count.  Added the states of NM, WA, MA, MO and UT.  For countries I picked up Ireland, Cayman Islands, Philippines, Holland, Denmark, Panama, South Africa, Japan and Costa Rica.

New Years Day will be my last night for 2016 and take-down will begin next Monday.  Goal is to have everything put away by January 18th.  Crossing my fingers that the weather does not mess me up.


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    Karen Hudson Says:

    Our family plans to come see this in December 2017. Had planned to come the week after Christmas but couldn’t find a time all could come! We are setting a date next year!!

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