Wednesday – 3rd day of take-down

As expected, the visitor count for the last 4 days of the show was down, especially on New Year’s Eve. Donations for the Shrine Hospitals were also down, especially during the first two weeks (although I did get three $100.00 bills over the period).  Ended up with just over $7,600.00 for the kids. That gives me a 10 year total of $66,185.00!!!!

The take-down is proceeding nicely. I have pulled all the electrical from all the neighbors and removed the figures I want to keep. The ones still left on their lawns are whats available for taking. I’ve had two folks already pick up some, but there are plenty more (about 100 were available)…so come and get them. I won’t clear whats left till this weekend.

The cold temp coming up for the next 5 days will put a damper on removing light strings (can’t wear gloves to do that), but I did get all the lights removed from the two driveways yesterday (it was T-shirt weather). Now I will concentrate on figure and stake removal.



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    Sharon Says:

    You want to keep your post that holds up the decorations, correct? I’m your neighbor & my daughter is so excited to have some “Sunnyside Lights” in her yard now!!! You made her one very happy girl!! She’s 21 and had to see your lights all the time her whole life. Thanks so much!

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