2017 Season Has Arrived

Its finally here…my 35th and final season for Sunny Side Lights.  I really appreciate all my neighbors for helping me host the annual event (and putting up with the all the traffic).

As I mentioned at the close of the 2016 season, this year will be my last “over the top” Christmas light display. Instead of 8 houses I am going back to the original two for my final show. But this will not result in a big decrease in the number of lights. The other 6 houses accounted for about 30,000 lights and 80 figures which leaves me with ONLY 100,000 lights and about 275 figures…not exactly a “small” production. Of course, I won’t have the exact number until I’m finished putting them out.

I started working on this years figures the beginning of September and finished them in October. I replaced 2,240 lights and re tapped 10,480 lights (every light on the figures is taped on and the tape usually last 3-4 years). That is a significant decrease over previous years (of course I had 80 less figures). So far, on running light strings, I’ve thrown away about 3,000 lights…but I still have a long ways to go.

Speaking of light strings, yesterday was a banner day…I put out over 17,000 lights. That entailed doing all the perimeter lights and half of the neighbors driveway. Once the rain is thru today I’ll work on the rest of the driveways. Last Tuesday I talked my son-in-law into helping me put up the Merry Christmas arch over the entrance, moving Santa’s house down to the entrance and putting up the arches on my driveway.

Speaking of help, after coming for the last 5 years, my brother will not be able to come this year as he is having medical problems. I sure will miss him! I will have my nephew and his clan come out to help put up the figures in about a week.

Haven’t heard from Santa yet, but I expect him the week before Christmas. I’ll let you know the exact dates as soon as he returns my calls (I think he is still upset that this is my last year).  I know that Snow (my Samoyed dog) is really looking forward to greeting all the kids.

As always, the lights will turn on Thanksgiving Day and continue thru New Year’s Day. The hours are 5:00 to 10:00.


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