Thursday – 14 Days Till Light-Off

Its all coming together at a very nice pace. I’m down to my last few thousand lights and getting ready to bring the figures out. The only lights left to go are on the houses (and I’ve already done the eves).
Spent yesterday cleaning up after the 5 inch rainfall and chopping up leaves.  Today will be devoted to finishing off the lights on the front of the house.
So far I have thrown away approximately 40 light strings (4,000 lights?) that I could not fix or had too many bulbs out (15% of bulbs out is my max in a string). The little specialty nick knacks I have collected over the years (snowflakes, stars, eve hangers, etc) took another big hit this year. I’ve just about run out of them which is another reason this is my last year. For example, I bought 15 – four foot sparkling snowflakes about 15 years ago and I am now down to one (you just can’t fix them).
Tomorrow I will do my final mowing on the lawn (yes it really needs it) and clean off the leaves (again). Saturday and Sunday I will bring out all the figures (I have my nephew and crew coming on Sunday to help). Some of the figures will be in their same places (think skiers), but there will be many additions and changes to the scenes. The challenge to find a place for my sea serpent ended up with a rather interesting result (one of my “walker specials”).
Next week will be devoted to getting them all wired in. I will also be doing all the little miscellaneous things that I do at the end.
Still waiting to hear from Santa, guess I better send him another email.
No more t-shirts and shorts, winter temps are finally here.


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