Light -off has happened.

As scheduled, the lights went on magically (well electronically) at 5:00 Thanksgiving Day. As usual, had a number of cars waiting and it was busy for the first hour and a half. The next couple of hours had spurts, but by 8:30 it had pretty much went to a trickle.
Biggest problem was that my neighbors electronic system failed and I had to put manual timers on each of his five circuits. Since they are not exact there is about a 5 minutes period for all of them to come on, but I’m working on it.
Had the expected failure of some light strings (even tho I had “checked them twice”). Fixed a few and will catch the rest tonight (when it will be warmer than last night).
Since that unknown reported suggested that last year was my LAST year, I expect the count might be slightly down this year. But than, maybe we will get some TV coverage which really pumps it up. Perhaps even Channel 5 might show up for the first time since there is no longer the Nashville Light Competition which they sponsored.
Tonight and Saturday are historically (yes I keep records) a pretty big nights, so I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of folks.


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