Tuesday – 27 Days Till Christmas

As I was counting the days till Christmas, I noticed we have 4 weekends in December before Santa arrives. Thats one more weekend than usual and its fitting for my last mega light show. Santa will also be here for 8 nights, which is more than his normal visit.

Looking back at the weekend I would have to say there were a few less visitors than last year. Of course that made it easy traffic wise and easy to find a place to park…but I still would have liked it to be busier. With my white Samoyed dog Snow, we were down walking the street until about 8:30 Friday & Saturday night and 8:00 on Sunday. As usual, she was a great hit with the kids and adults too. Snow will be able to join me when it is not too busy…probably next weekend and maybe the one after. Once I end up spending all my time directing traffic she will have to watch you from our bay window.

Every night and every morning I have spent time trying to get my neighbors 5 timers to come on at approximately the same time…its not working out. So yesterday, I ordered a new electronic controller for him and hope to have it in by the weekend. Its much more magical when they all come on at the same time!

Speaking of lights I’ve had the normal problems with a few here and there going out. Its kept me active in getting them going again. One of my goals this year was to replace as few as possible new strings to the perimeter and driveway lights, since I will be giving them away at the end of the season. This explains why you might notice more individual bulbs not working (I upped my acceptable burnout rate to 15% of the string before I replaced it). So far I still have a few older lights in reserve to replace burnt out strings, but I’m running out of red.

Having some time on my hands as I was waiting for visitors to show up this weekend I calculated that I have now had my light show for approximately 1,050 nights. Add in about the same for putting them up and I’ve invested over 2100 days to my Christmas Display…and you wonder why I am retiring after this year from my mega light show?



  1. 1
    Sharon Davis Says:

    We’ve lived in sunny side for 25 years. My kids have grown up with your awesome lights. My daughter will carry on some of your tradition in Chattanooga. They will always be The Sunny Side lights, no matter where she lives now. God bless you for giving me and my girls the precious gift of your lights for all these years. What a blessing!

  2. 2
    Stephanie Says:

    I love your light show!! I hope you continue it in the future

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