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Tuesday – 19 Days Till Christmas

December 5, 2017

Last weekend was much busier that I anticipated, since it was an “extra” weekend compared to last year. Friday night started late, about 6:00, and I anticipated a slow night…I was wrong. It stayed busy right up to 10:00, when the lights went off. Lots of buses, trolleys, a few limos and lots and lots of cars. And the best thing was they wanted to walk!

Saturday and Sunday night both started off right at 5:00 with many cars awaiting. Numerous buses, trolleys and limos showed up both night and everyone wanted to get out and walk the walk. Saturday slowed at about 9:30 and Sunday night about 9:00.

Had dozens and dozens of comments about this being my last year, but they were all positive…especially after mentioning this was my 35th year representing over 1200 nights of lights.

It appears that I am getting some advertising on TV. Several have mentioned seeing my on Tennessee Crossroads on Thanksgiving Day (a rerun of their 2015 visit and one of the best interviews I’ve ever had). Sunnyside Lights have also been mentioned on channels 4 and 5 as a place to go for Christmas Lights. Haven’t seen any newspaper mentions tho. Judging by the turnout I’ve had so far, it would appear that the “fake news” put out by a reporter last year that it was my last year has been replaced by a heavy social media exposure this year.

I suspect that the cold temps forecast for the next 7 days will keep some wannabe walkers in their cars, but I will be out there meeting and greeting this weekend.