Friday – 15 days till Christmas

The past 4 days were busier than I anticipated, especially last night. My intent was to observe but not participate (stand in the street) during the week and save myself for the big weekend. It worked until last night when I glanced out at 7:15 and saw nothing but buses, limos and cars. Hurried down and straightened it out over the next 20 minutes. Must have been over a 100 folks out walking. Ending up staying in the street until 9:00.

This weekend should really be the big kick-off and I expect to be “really” busy meeting and greeting (and directing traffic). Even with the temperature forecast to be in the 20’s there will be lots of folks out walking. The nice thing about being “really busy” is I won’t get cold (of course, a down coat, insulated trousers and hand and toe warmers also help).

There is a nice article at on their homepage titled Legendary Sunnyside Drive. It was just published yesterday. Nice to know I’ve been around long enough to be called a “legend”.

Everyday it seems a few lights flicker out and have to be replaced. Yesterday I rewired two figures and I plan on doing the same today to another two that have problems. The new electronic switches on my neighbors house are working great, although the 5 second wait has expanded to 10 seconds compared to when mine come on.

This month is going by fast and Santa is now only one week away!
Next Friday will kick off 9 days straight of heavy traffic and good cheer. As always I suggest that you visit Santa on Monday thru Thursday as the weekends will be very very big. He will be there from 5:30 to 9:30 each night (Friday, 12/15 thru Saturday, 12/23).



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    kaciallen Says:

    It was great seeing you again tonight and my son, Ethan, enjoyed meeting you. We’ve come the last 11 years with my mom and it’s a special time for all of us as we talk about how we can bring light into a world that is often so dark. BJ’s light will live on in our hearts for years to come. Thank you for blessing us! Ethan and I have decided we want to figure out how to create a wonderland like this at our home just down in Franklin. It’s just the two of us and we LOVE our lights!!

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