Tuesday – 12 Days Till Christmas

Top story is a visit from Dennis Ferrier of the Fox Channel last night. He has been out a couple of times over the years and it was a pleasure to have an opportunity to talk to him about my last year of Sunnyside Lights. The interview will air tonight at 9:00 on the Fox channel.

I also interviewed with Ms. Cheap yesterday and had another interview with a Tennessean reporter who is sending a photographer later in the week (expect a Sunday article). Still waiting to hear from Davis Nolan of Channel 2…his secretary said he would be calling to do an interview Tuesday or Wednesday. I’ve had several reports that the lights have been mentioned on several channels and Tennessee Crossroads was nice enough to re-screen their visit with us. Its shaping up to be a good PR year, which is great since it is my last “big time” show.

This past weekend was interesting. I expected a busy night, but manageable. That is what I got on Friday with lots of buses (14), a few limos (8) and many many cars. Even tho it is was in the low 30’s the driveway was heavily traveled most of the night with walkers. Saturday was a different story…I knew I was in trouble from the get-go! From 5:00 (actually about 4:45) to 8:30 it was like Santa was there and we had just been on TV. Went over 1,000 cars by 8:30 plus 15 buses and 12 limos. Literally over a 100 folks on the driveway for most of the period. Since I was by myself for traffic control I was kept hoping and certainly got my exercise. Finally slowed about 8:45 and was steady from them on.

The Franklin Trolleys had problems with their “second” run scheduling. On Friday night their second run showed up at 9:55 with the lights going out at 10:00…about a 100 folks were on the driveway when the lights “magically” turned off. On Saturday night, they showed up at 10:05 and the lights were out. But Sunday, they got there at 9:30 so lesson learned. Starting next Friday, the lights will not go out until 10:30 thru Christmas eve.

Santa arrives Friday at 5:30 and will be there every night till 9:30 thru Saturday, December 23rd. Guaranteed crowds and lots of traffic…hint-it usually slows down for Santa about 8:30 (especially during the weekdays).

So far, my furthest traveled visitor had been from New Zealand! Only up to about 12 states, so be sure and let me know if you have out of state visitors with you.

Look forward to seeing you all and may the joy of Christmas be with you.


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