Finally – Santa Starts Tonight

I sure have missed Santa and so have the dozens of people who asked where he was. He starts tonight! For the next 8 days we will be able to enjoy the jolly fellow himself. He promised he will be here every night thru December 23rd from 5:30 to 9:30. Of course, that means a lot more traffic, so plan ahead. Generally, the shortest lines will be Monday thru Wednesday, after 8:00.

The weather looks promising for the next week (except for Sunday’s chance of rain) with highs in the 50’s. Articles coming out in the Tennessean and by Ms. Cheap, along with TV exposure, promises a large turnout each night, so please be prepared for a 10-20 minute drive up the street (that’s optimistic for the weekends). If you want to walk (which is pretty rewarding since I hide figures you can’t see from the street) grab the first parking spot you come across. I expect 20+ buses each night along with the same number of limos…and they really slow things down. Of course, I have help with traffic control for the next 9 nights.

Tuesday and Thursday night found few figures needing attention, but Wednesday night was a different story. I spent 3 hours redoing figures yesterday (which made them automatic “keepers” for my next years selection). But generally, the lights are holding up quite well which probably means they will give me problems when it really gets busy.

For the next 10 nights the lights will be on from 5:00 to 10:30.


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