Wednesday – 5 Nights till Christmas

Christmas is almost here! Santa will only be at Sunnyside Lights for 4 more nights! This December sure has gone past quickly.
Last weekend was very busy, with Saturday being the standout (almost 2,000 cars). Lots of buses & limos and hundreds and hundreds of cars. All 3 nights were great for walking and Santa averages about 280 candy canes a night.

Monday night was very pleasant and we were busy from 5:00 to 9:30, when Santa left. Tuesday was interesting. Started off with a very light drizzle and a steady flow of visitors. Channel 2 showed up to do an interview right at 5:00 and their truck was parked right in the center of the turn-around. They wanted to stay to see Santa arrive, as did several other folks with children. At 5:40 we were still waiting…Santa is never late! He finally arrived at 6:00 and everyone had waited for him. Turns out the accident which shut down I-65 caused a reroute of going home folks to Franklin RD and Hillsboro RD, which brought traffic to a practical standstill on Hillsboro Rd (think 30 minutes to go 2.2 miles). The traffic problems, accompanied by the rain (which arrived in earnest around 8:00), put a real damper on visitors. I was actually surprised how many folks braved the drizzle & later rain to walk on the driveway. Santa gave out about 100 candy canes.

Tonight and tomorrow (Wed & Thu) look to be warm, no rain nights. With the recent TV exposure (we have been on Fox, Channel 2 & Channel 4 in the last 7 days), along with print stories and on-line features, expectations are high for packed house.

An update on out of state (and out of country) visitors follows. If you know of some state that has been represented and not listed, please let me know. AL, CA, CO, FL, GA, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, ME, MD, MA, MI, MS, NV, NC, PA, TX, VA, WA and WI. Countries represented are New Zealand, Great Britain, Japan, Norway, Nigeria, Pakistan, Burma, Ukraine, Mexico & Canada. My all time record was a few years ago when I hit 48 states (missed Maine and Idaho) and 17 countries.

The word has certainly got around that this is my LAST year. Although there are several reasons for my 35th year being my last year, the basic reason is that it is my 35th year (over 1300 nights of lights). Will lights disappear from my yard?…not likely (as in over my dead body). I will be going from a walking destination to a drive-by visit. I will drop from the approximately 98,000 lights and 300 figures this year to under 30,000 lights and 100 figures. They will be spread out over the upper half of the lawn. All the perimeter and driveway fence lines will disappear (hence no walking). Only a 100 figures??…how many houses have a 100 figures in their yard? Yep, I will keep it interesting and continue to give BJ his lights.


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