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So What Happens After “My Last” Year

December 24, 2017

As you can imagine this is one of my most frequently asked questions. My answer is that I am scaling back by approximately 2/3rd. In the coming years I will display across the 2 houses by favorite figures. I envision having about 100 figures on display (out of the current 300) and almost no light strings (the house will still have icicles and framed windows and doors). It will be a drive-by display with no walking.

Another frequent question is what are you doing with the figures…for sale maybe? The short answer is no. I will keep about 200 figures and rotate them each year and I am giving the remainder to my nephew who wants to have a large display (lives in Manchester). I have about 40,000 lights to dispose of and they have mostly been spoken for. And for you really dedicated types, Santa’s House is available!