Thursday – Only 4 Nights Left

The end is fast approaching. Usually the days after Christmas Day tend to be on the slow side with one or two cars at a time…not so this year. The last two nights have been busy with an average of 5-6 cars at any one time from 5:00 right up to 9:30. The lights are on till 10:00.

Looking over the last week speaks of a very successful Christmas Light showing. As I mentioned Thursday was huge and Friday was impacted by the rain, but still managed in excess of 1200 cars.

Saturday was Santa’s last day (ever at Sunnyside Lights) and it really caused a traffic backup. Seemed everyone wanted a picture with Santa and they didn’t care where they parked. It caused a huge backup of traffic from 6:00 to 10:00 with up to 45 minute waits driving up the street. Certainly not my ideal scenario for enjoying the Christmas Lights. Sure will miss Santa in the coming years! He set a new record for candy canes…over 2200 given out.

Christmas Eve was huge, as expected, but traffic flow was very good with only a 20 minute average wait to drive up the street. We had a lot of folks out walking and Shrine donations set a new one day record.
Christmas Day was also very strong with lots of walkers.

Looking back over the season we had 5 nights with over 1800 cars per night, 6 with over 1200 cars per night and most of the others with between 500 and 1000 cars. If you figure each car had about 3 folks (thats conservative), that adds up to at least 30,000 visitors. And, of course, I am not even considering the bulk carriers (buses and limos) of which there were many (at least 100 trips).

My thanks really go out to my Masonic brothers who came out to help with traffic control, especially this past weekend (Thursday thru Sunday).
With a few days yet to go it looks like your donations to the Shrine Hospitals will exceed last year by over a $1,000. This will bring our 11 year total (why didn’t I start it 30 years ago) to over $75,000.00!!!

I’ve added a few more states and countries and will update on the next post.


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