From Old Hickory Blvd take Hillsboro Rd south toward Franklin.  Sunnyside Dr is 2.2 miles on the left (half way between the signals at Murry Lane & Sneed Road).  The address is1956 Sunnyside Dr.   It is the last house on the street, you will see the glow as you come around the bend.



  1. 1
    Joe Says:

    As always its fun to lissen to your christmas stories. Wish I was there to help. Kitty, Dan and the boys all say hello and will be looking in once I send them the link.

  2. 3
    Melanie Says:

    Aloha! I read about your Christmas lights in the Williamson County paper The Review Appeal and could not map the address as it appeared in the article. I went to your blog and read the Directions, but still couldn’t map the address as 1956 Sunnyside Dr. in Brentwood (though it gives many other choices). Finally, traced Hillsboro Rd. and found your address as 1956 Sunny Side Dr. You might want to have the paper print the street name as two words so others can find you more easily. We recently moved here from Hawaii and would love to see your Christmas lights! Mahalo, Melanie 🙂

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